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Endicott Fire Station

The Endicott Fire Department currently staffs 20 paid professionals. Firefighters work on 1 of 4 platoons working a rotating schedule of 48 hours per week. Currently there are 4 captains, 5 Lieutenants, 5 inspectors, and 6 Firefighters working under Fire Chief Joseph Griswold.

The Endicott Fire department was established in 1912. The department was formed due to growing need for fire and life safety for the increasing population of the Village of Endicott. Originally a Chief, Captain, and six Firefighters were hired to protect the village.

By 1921 the village of Endicott had grown leaps and bounds, To protect the village two additional stations were built and 24 Firefighters were hired over the course of five years.


The Fire department and the village of Endicott were in there hay day during the 1960’s, this was due to the industrial giant IBM calling Endicott it’s home. During this time the Fire Department was at it’s maximum with at total of 62 paid Firefighters working around the clock.

Endicott Firefighters are on duty twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, utilizing a single station one block west of Washington Ave, accessible to main street.

We arrive on the scene of emergencies within three minutes. In an emergency every second counts. In two minutes a small room fire can become an inferno, filling a building with fire, heat and choking smoke. You can't afford to wait for help. Rapid responses to emergencies accomplishes the following. A Quick fire knockdown means small fires are extinguished before they are uncontrollable. Effective search and rescue provides victims with a better chance of survival. Medical emergencies are treated quickly. Natural gas leaks and other emergencies are secured swiftly and efficiently.

The goal of the Endicott Fire Department is to provide the highest quality service to Village residents in the most efficient manner possible. In the event of a fire or medical emergency we are prepared to exert the maximum effort needed in order to preserve life and property, thus; minimizing the effects on you, your family and the Community.

Firefighters continually train and maintain our rescue equipment to ensure we are always ready to respond to your needs. Daily fire inspection and code enforcement programs help assure that where you live, work, shop and play are safe. The most efficient Fire Department is one that prevents fires from occurring.

We strive to make Endicott a fire safe Community are proud to have served the community since 1912.

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